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Instructor Refresher Training

If you are an instructor who feels that you could benefit from a refresher lesson prior to a check test Wheeler driver training might be your solution. We offer refresher lessons to keep yourself sharp and kept up to speed when on the road with your students. We also offer lessons plans scheduled to suit you with honest advice to help you improve your methods and increase pass rates.

refresher training fermanagh
refresher training fermanagh


Gain new skills and techniques to make you a safer, more confident driver
Learn how you can change your driving style to save fuel - and money
Fuel-efficient drivers will have less impact on the environment
Greater vehicle sympathy will reduce wear and tear on your car

See what Our clients say!

"As a current ADI and with my Check Test looming I felt that I needed to refresh my knowledge and training techniques, especially as I was aiming to achieve a higher Grade. I was lucky enough to know Sid and discovered that he provided this type of training. I'm so glad I took the training with him as I learned so much from his well structured lessons and was rewarded with a Grade 5 when I recently completed my Check Test". Adeline

refresher training enniskillen

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