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What Our Clients Say

Great decision I’ve made changing over Sidney from another instructor. I thought I wouldn’t make it, Sid definitely boost my confidence, I learned a lot from him. I’m very pleased. Can easily say that he is the best driving instructor around. Very calm, patient and with amazing learning techniques. Passed my test first attempt🥳🎉 I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him. Thank you very so much once again Sid.

Sol (30/07/2023)

Sidney is a great instructor who has shown great patience. He's very calm and gives clear instructions. If your aim is to past first time I would highly recommend. Automatic driving has shown to be the way to go.

Nneaka (20/05/2023)

Sidney is the best driving instructor I’ve had! Helped me pass my automatic test! Was great to be able to use his car for both the mock and actual test. Sidney is very calm and gives very clear instruction. Highly recommend! 10/10

Lucinda (19/05/2023)

I am very glad sidney as my instructor. Any time I made a mistake (which was a lot) he stayed calm, explained where I went Wrong and never raised his voice. Very good at making conversation but also knew when to let me concentrate. Passed my test first time 100/10 would and have recommend him to others!

Lucy (12/07/2022)

Sidney is an amazing instructor the best about. He made it a very calm and easy to learn process. Would highly highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive. I passed first time which I never thought would be possible all thanks to Sidney's amazing instructor skills

Grace (03/07/2022)

Sidney was an amazing driving instructor, after many years of failed attempts to learn how to drive, having high anxiety of even a thought of driving. He was very calm and always explained everything in great detail, and repeated if needed to. I passed my driving test 1st time. I would highly recommend Sidney.

Simona (29/06/2022)

I am very glad sidney as my instructor. Any time I made a mistake (which was a lot) he stayed calm, explained where I went Wrong and never raised his voice. Very good at making conversation but also knew when to let me concentrate. Passed my test first time 100/10 would and have recommend him to others!

Hannah (05/05/2021)

Very good instructor who is easy to talk too and has superb knowledge of what is needed to pass your driving test and is very easy to learn from. Got me through the test first time.

Would highly recommend.

Thomas (10/10/2020)

Excellent instructor, easy to talk to and explains any instruction if needed. Would highly recommend to anyone with or without previous driving experience. Passed first time and I am very grateful to Sidney for his experience, expertise, and patience helping me achieve this.

Stephen (10/10/2020)

What can i say only Sidney is most definitely the best driving instructor about. Has a lot of patience and the best learning techniques, really made me feel comfortable driving and boosted my confidence a lot. I would most definitely recommend him to anybody.

Anne (01/10/2020)

Over the years many of pupils have passed their driving test with Wheeler Driver Training. Below are a few examples of the feedback we have received recently. If you learned to drive with Wheeler Driver Training we'd love to hear from you! Contact us here or submit a testimonial, it doesn't matter when you passed, we'd love to hear from anyone who has passed.

Bonnie (29/09/2020)

Highly recommend Sidney as your driving instructor! I had very little driving experience but passed first time with Sidney!

Kaylee (28/09/2020)

Great driving instructor, very patient and friendly. Driving lessons are very organised and Ive learned so much. Highly recommend. Thanks sidney

Zoe (29/01/2019)

Really great driving instructor. Helped me to pass my test first time, I will definitely be recommending him to others looking a driving instructor!

Stephanie (14/01/2019)

Changed over to Sid from another instructor, which was a great decision. Had 6 lessons and passed first time. Great instructor, very calm and easy to learn from. Would highly recommend to anyone else.!

Liam (28/03/2018)

Just passed test with Sid as my instructor for all my lessons. Had never driven a car before and he got me to stage where i could pass the test with ease and feel confident on the road. Would highly recommend Sid to any new drivers as he knows what hes doing and does so calmly, thanks again Sid!

Conal (28/08/2017)

Highly recomended! Sidney got me through test on the first go, great guy to learn with! very sound and comfortable to be around. Made the test a very easy experence. Within 5 hours of being there i had my B+E Certificate. Couldnt recomend a better service A+++

Denise. (16/05/17)

I passed my B + E Trailer test first time thanks to Sid Wheelers' knowledgeable and professional instruction. He is a grade 6 instructor which is the highest level achievable. Sid is patient and he misses nothing!! Would highly recommend him as an instructor. Thanks again.

M.K (03/04/2017)

Hi to all on this website.I am just letting you all know that i think that Sid is a very good Driving Instructor AND Dos things by the book. Thank you Sid for getting me through that driving test.Just one thing to anyone that i did come across on this website is that i did noticed that Sid is with D S A Syllabus which in my view is very important to know about for when you are looking for someone to take driving lessons which i am very sure that it is a comfort to anyone out there.Once again Sid thank you very much for all your time and patience with me. Just keep up the good work that you do yours

James (03/04/2017)

Grade 6 instructor you won't get any better than Sidney he's very patient which is a big deal for first time drivers in this high pressure environment. If you make any mistakes he knows exactly where you went wrong even if you yourself don't realise eg stalled, he's instantly able to tell you what you've done and how to correct it. Other than that he's a sound fella never shouts, always calm and perfect for nervous drivers with no experience.

Olivia (12/03/2017)

I have just passed my driving test first time round and would just like to say a big thanks to Sid for getting me through it. His method of teaching is very easy to understand and he doesn’t over complicate anything which really helped me to become a more confident driver. He is a very patient instructor and explains everything so well and I’ve been able to see the improvement in my driving from the very first lesson I had with him. He’s a great instructor and I would highly recommend Sid to anyone. Thanks again for everything Sid!

Stephanie (08/03/2017)

I went to Sid after having another instructor for 4/5 months. He taught me much less complicated ways of doing the manoeuvres and was always calm but informative. Overall, a great instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Many thanks for helping me pass first time.

Roisin (27/02/2017)

I have just passed my driving test I can't thank Sidney Wheeler enough for putting so much time and effort into every single lesson with me!! It was money well spent! Highly recommend Sidney as a driving instructor to anyone wanting to learn, he was always very calm and understanding even when I made mistakes and I wouldn't have passed first time round with out him! I took part in a lesson where Sidney got assessed, he got his grade 6, the highest grade an instructor can get, for another four years and its no wonder why, he is brilliant at his job and always took the time and explained everything I needed/wanted to know as well as going through my mistakes and helping me get better each lesson!

John (10/08/2016)

I dont normally do reviews but i feel compelled to do one on this occasion. Sid met up with me and give me a quick grounding on everything i needed to know for the trailer test. With his understanding of exactly what the examiners are looking for i was able to pass the test relatively easily in the end. I would recommend Sid to anyone.

Matthew (04/03/2016)

Big thank you to Sidney wheeler , who helped me to pass first time round. As some one who had never driven before, he made me feel confident at driving and was patient, highly recommend him!

Lisa (16/12/2015)

Just passed my driving test first time round today! A big big thankyou to Sidney wheeler, would highly recommend him as a instructor. Every lesson was enjoyable with him. I'd never drove at all before starting with him and it didn't take me long to get the hang of things! Very patient and has a very understanding way of explaining things! Thanks again :)


Thanks again to Sidney for teaching me how to drive. I would recommend Sidney to anyone looking for a driving instructor. Having not driven a car at all before starting to learn with him, he was very helpful and patient and very friendly yet also professional. I found that having him in the car during the test helped me to remain calmer than if it had just been me and the examiner in the car but he would let you decide whether or not you think it would be helpful for him to go in the car with you during the test. Thanks again.

Emma (01/08/2015)

Big thank you to Sid for helping me pass my driving test first time, brilliant Instructor, patient and doesnt put you under pressure.. Also Sid is a grade 6 instructor which is the highest grade possible to get. I would highly recommend Sid if you are thinking about starting lessons :) thanks again Sid!

Jo (10/03/2015)

Big big thank you to Sidney Wheeler for helping me pass my driving test. Thank you for all your help, knowledge and patience. It was a tough journey for me but finally I made, as you said never give up. Youre not only an excellent driving instructor, you uplift my determination to pass my test. I will surely recommend you to all I know that are looking for a driving instructor. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH.

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